Meritorious Students of Korangi Academy

Admissions of Meritorious Students of Korangi Academy

in the Leading Institutions of Karachi



Saqib Khan -IBA

Muhammad Saqib




Dania Abass Butt - Jinnah Medical University

Dania Abbas Butt




Rao Faheem - NED

Rao Faheem 

Asad Khan - NED

Asad Khan 

Aasia Qayyum - NED

Aasia Qayyum 

Adnan Ahmed - NED

Adnan Ahmed 

Usman Tahir - NED

Usama Tahir 

Aamir Saeed - NED

Aamir Saeed 

Qamar Shafiq - NED

Qamar Shafiq 

Zubair Khadim - NED

Zubair Khadim 



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