Project of Technical Training

At an estimated population of 220.89 million in 2021, Pakistan is the 5th most populous country in the world.  With such a large human capital, Pakistan should be the one of the “richest” countries in the world. However according to CIA World Fact Handbook

  • 35% of the country is below the age of 15
  • However only 2.7% of GDP is directed towards education
  • The average boy enjoys 8 years of schooling
  • The average girl receives 6 years of schooling

Not only is this rich human capital untapped, the absence of opportunity channels youth energy into counter-productive activities such as drugs, criminal activity and extremism.

It was with this concern in mind that the Technical Institute was set-up with the collaboration of SOS Children’s Villages of Sindh and INFAQ Foundation.  Our philosophy is “Skill Development for Employment”. Training is targeted to help students’ secure entry level employment so they can learn to financially support their families and live with dignity.  We believe that increasing the skilled labour force of Pakistan will contribute towards the overall economic progress, prosperity and stability of the country.