About CDSS

The Centre for Development of Social Services (CDSS) was established in 2001 to fulfill the vision of well-known banker and philanthropist Agha Hasan Abedi of creating a township of social services for families belonging to low income groups. CDSS is registered under the Societies Act of 1980 as a recognized organization by the Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy, Islamabad.

CDSS - Centre for Development of Social Services

Centre for Development of Social Services Landscape

The objectives of this initiative are to promote community welfare programs, provide medical aid to the poor, render financial assistance to charitable organizations/projects, support meritorious students for higher studies, and help writers, journalists and performing artists throughout Pakistan

CDSS is being developed as a modern and progressive multipurpose social services complex at Lalabad, Korangi, an under-developed locality of Karachi, Pakistan. It is spread over a vast area of 72 acres, and so far Rs. 400 million have been spent on the development of buildings and infrastructure. It is now considered as a well-known centre in the suburbs of Karachi for the less privileged communities living in proximity to the area. Over a period of time various projects have come to fruition to fulfil the basic needs of deserving people that encompass economic emancipation, educational and skill development and medical requirements for the sick. There are many more projects/programs in the pipeline that would help in the social and cultural evolvement of those unfortunately left behind in the race of life.


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