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IETC - Education for GirlsINFAQ Education & Training Centre (IETC) was established in August 2003 with a purpose to train the teachers for Korangi Academy. As the Centre sailed through its journey it experienced avenues which could lead the challenging tasks that lay ahead. It found out that the environment existing in the community needed INFAQ’s attention and support to induct them into the mainstream of the society.

IETC accepted the challenge and started to broaden its approach and undertakings for the benefit of girls who missed the opportunity for formal education. INFAQ Education & Training Centre (IETC) thus became the forum to provide education and training to females who have since crossed the age of normal mainstream school system. These girls were drop-outs for social or financial reasons and could not continue studies beyond few years. Soon 400 girls registered to go through the mill of IETC. To enlighten the lives of these young women, IETC needed to educate them and develop their personalities and outlook to make them an effective member of society within their communities.

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IETC now operates following three sub-entities, all independently recognized by the respective Regulatory Boards of the Government of Sindh:

  1. CDSS Senior Girls School
  2. CDSS Intermediate Girls College
  3. CDSS Elementary Teacher’s Training Centre

CDSS Senior Girls School

At the Senior Girls School, the entrants go through a three years rigorous course of studies and are prepared to appear in the Secondary Board Examination. Tireless efforts of the teachers and students resulted in high percentage of success in the Board Examination. This scheme has proved to be a great success.

CDSS Intermediate Girls College

The girls are now also being prepared for Higher Secondary School Certificate examination of the Board.

Graduate Studies

A pilot project for B. Com studies was initiated when the first batch of 8 girls passed the Intermediate examination with good grades in 2007. The students were quite willing to continue their studies in the same centre with the same team and this provided a great impetus, encouragement and motivation to the IETC team. The team and the students are quite confident for the positive results, Insha’Allah.

In these courses the aim is not only to give teachers training but also to groom the participants and develop their confidence so that they are able to work productively in any field of life.

IT Courses

While computer study is an integral part of all the courses, in 2008 the Centre started IT Course for the community girls also. The duration of the course is three months and the participants are introduced to basic computer skills. However an in-depth exposure to MS Office is undertaken during the three months course. The classes are held thrice a week in the afternoon. The monthly tuition fee is Rs. 250. This course is also gaining popularity amongst the young girls and they find it exciting and challenging.

Currently there are 160 students doing different courses in the centre.  There are 12 teachers and 4 members of support staff.

Community Development

A pilot counseling project was started from July 26, 2007 with the following objectives:

  • Counseling used as a change agent to have a positive impact on the community.
  • Making community members aware of the measures that should be taken to improve health and hygiene.
  • Encourage skill learning and using these skills for economic advantage.
  • Encourage education, particularly amongst women.
  • Stimulate self–reliance.
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