Craft Training and Literacy Centre – CTALC

CTALC was formed by CDSS in collaboration with Behbud Association Karachi in November 2002. This vocational training centre aims to empower the community girls around the CDSS through acquiring technical/vocational skills. CDSS is responsible to run this centre besides providing building and equipment, while Behbud Association, with its vast experience in running women empowerment projects, provides expertise and management. CTALC offers classes in dressmaking, embroidery and adult literacy.


The main objective of CTALC is to provide the girls of the community around the CDSS an opportunity to become self-reliant through technical/vocational skills.


CTALC started by offering one class each in dressmaking, embroidery and adult literacy and a staff of eight. In nine years these classes have increased to 15. Each course is of 4 months duration. The classes are held 6 days a week and consist of sessions of 2 hours each

  • 4 classes in dressmaking
  • 8 classes in embroidery
  • 3 classes in adult literacy

In addition CTALC offers 5 short courses in the following areas. These courses are mostly for 10 weeks and consist of one 4 – 5 hour class each week.

  • Cooking
  • Grooming (beautician courses)
  • Mehndi
  • Hairstyling
  • Adda work
  • Patch work


Production department also acts as advanced training department where the girls can earn, as well as learn more in their area of expertise. On an average 40 to 60 girls work in the department each quarter which comes to about 100 beneficiaries a year. Last year (2011) CTALC’s sale proceeds from clothes was over rupees one million.


The number of girls who have passed Exams and received Certificates from CTALC is 2310. The girls who have received benefit of some training from the Centre but were unable to sit for the exam due to various personal reasons are 3272. At present (2012-13) there are 178 girls registered in the Centre in various classes.

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Orientation Program for new students 3 times a year
  • Sewing machine maintenance workshop 3 times a year
  • Compulsory Cooking classes for students 3 times a year
  • Library hour each week
  • Sports hour each week
  • Counseling hour each week

Annual activities

  • Mela
  • Sports day
  • Market visit
  • Workshops
  • Old girls get together
  • Certificate Distribution Ceremony
  • Competition art and craft
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