Infaq Craft Training and Literacy Centre – ICTLC

ICTLC was formed by CDSS in November 2002. This vocational training centre aims to empower the community girls around the CDSS through acquiring technical/vocational skills. ICTLC offers classes in dressmaking, embroidery and adult literacy. CDSS is responsible to run this centre besides providing building and equipment.

Reorganization of ICTLC

ICTLC previously being managed by Behbud, now operates under Social Welfare Department of INFAQ Education & Training Centre (IETC) with effect from 1st July, 2018. There has been no change in the women empowerment facilities being extended to the community.


The main objective of ICTLC is to provide the girls of the community around the CDSS an opportunity to become self-reliant through mastering the technical/vocational skills.

Short & Diploma Courses

ICTLC is offering short & diploma courses held 5 days a week and consist of sessions of 2 hours each:

  • Grooming (beautician course)
  • Sewing & Cutting (Basic / Advance)
  • Hand & Machine Embroidery (Basic / Advance)
  • Puff Machine Embroidery
  • Adult literacy
  • Mehndi classes
  • Cooking
  • Hairstyling
  • Adda work
  • Patch work
  • Vocational Certificate & Diploma Course (S.B.T.E)


Production department also acts as advanced training department where the girls can earn out the sale of stitched work & order stitching, as well as learn more in their area of expertise. On an average 40 to 60 girls work in the department each quarter which comes to about 100 beneficiaries a year.

Exhibition of Work

Students display their finished products like Kurties & Shalwars, Stitched Suits, Uniforms, Trousers, & Embroidery Work on S.B.T.E. Students Work Display.

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Orientation Program for new students 3 times a year
  • Sewing machine maintenance workshop 3 times a year
  • Compulsory Cooking classes for students 3 times a year
  • Library hour each week
  • Sports hour each week
  • Counseling hour each week

Annual activities

  • Sports day
  • Pakistan Day
  • Market visit
  • Workshops
  • Counseling
  • Get together of Passed out Girls
  • Certificate Distribution Ceremony
  • Competition of Art and Craft

 Cost per trainee/student (2020-21)

The annual budget for the year 2020-21 along with cost per student per annum/per month is worked out on the basis of students’ strength of 112 (as per the audited accounts as on 30th June, 2021), is as under:

Budget Head

Budget 2020-21


Cost per trainee/student per month


Cost per trainee/student per year


Personnel cost




Indirect cost (training workshops, sports, extra-curricular, etc.)




Other overhead expenses








The cost per trainee/student, according to the budget of 2020-21 with the strength of 112 was worked out as Rs. 2,275/- per student per month.