Aims & Objectives

  • Operate on the principle of ‘equal opportunity and shared responsibility’ and provide to the underprivileged the same high standard education as is available to the privileged segments of the society.
  • Create and develop in children and their families/parents the desire to bring perceptible changes in their condition by nurturing positive attitude and motivating them to be the master of their destiny.
  • Set rules and develop traditions to reward effort and merit.
  • Provide incentives of long-term benefits and support to children with potential.
  • Provide a stimulating environment for the growth of a balanced and self-confident personality through physical, mental, psychological and spiritual development.
  • Develop communication skills that encompass articulation, expression and public speaking which are vital for personality development.
  • Provide modern and high quality education without creating an ‘elitist mentality’ in the students. With emphasis on science and technology, there is a parallel focus on development of moral values and social responsibility.
  • Design special programmes to imbue in students universal values such as interdependence, co-existence and tolerance, respect for the rule of law, caring and sharing, giving and service to humanity.