Social Responsibility – Shared Responsibility

Social care is a shared responsibility of all the members of our society. A large segment of our population belongs to underprivileged communities, who face constant struggles in life and have numerous problems and issues that need to be resolved. Education is very important to raise the quality of life, but unfortunately not everyone has access to this basic human right. The problem that we face is gigantic, but this should not deter us to contribute and participate in our humble capacity to spread quality education among the masses.

At the Centre for Development of Social Services (CDSS), we have this philosophy to play our part through our limited resources. We believe that if we can change the life of one individual in a meaningful way, its positive and far-reaching impact will be felt by the family, community, and the nation.

Our Future Plans and the Offer of Co-Sponsorship provide an opportunity to you to share this responsibility with CDSS.