Finance and Funding

The annual budget of Korangi Academy for the FY 2021-2022 along with cost per student (per annum/per month), worked out on the basis of the strength of 796 (as per the audited accounts as on 30th June, 2022) students then, is as under:

Budget Heads Total Incurred Expenses against the Budget 2021-22 Cost per student per month Cost per student per annum
(Rs.) (Rs.) (Rs.)
Direct Expenses on Students
Nutrition for Children, Textbooks, Stationery, Craft Material, Lab Consumables, Upkeep of Cafeteria, Sports Goods & Kits, Library Books etc.
342,179 36 430
Indirect Expenses on Students
A. Personnel cost
Staff salaries, Bonuses, EOBI, Medical Allowance etc.
49,802,343 5,214 62,566
B. Other Indirect Cost
Staff’s Seminars/Workshops/ Professional Development, Staff Uniforms, Functions/Events, Parents/Community Activities, Transportation for Teachers, Security Charges etc.
10,740,045 1,124 13,493
Total 60,884,567 6,374 76,488

The cost per student, according to the incurred expenses against the budget of 2021-22 with the strength of 796 was worked out as Rs. 6,374/- per student per month.