Offer of Co-Sponsorship

At present there are about 829 students studying from Play Group to Class-XII (Intermediate) at the Korangi Academy who belong to the most deserving communities living in the vicinity of CDSS.

With increasing popularity of the Korangi Academy, the number of applicants has increased manifolds. Applicants for new admission living in the vicinity of the Academy have exceeded day by day. This excludes large number of admission applications from children belonging to other localities. Because of our limited financial resources, we unfortunately have to turn down many applications. We realize that if we want to accommodate a higher number of applicants and provide them with the same high level of education, we have to mobilize additional resources and for this we cannot rely on just one source i.e., donations from INFAQ Foundation. The CDSS Governing Body has therefore decided to provide an opportunity of participation and co-sponsorship to other philanthropists (individuals/institutions) and friends of CDSS to provide quality education to the children who cannot afford it otherwise.

Sultan Mowjee Family, prominent philanthropists, and friends of Agha Hasan Abedi Saheb, co-sponsored a whole class of 26 students.


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