Endowment Fund – Our Lifeline

Keeping in view our future ambitious projects, expansion plans for the completed projects, and to meet our running expenses, the Governing Body of CDSS has established an “Endowment Fund” under the provision of Article 21 of the Memorandum and Articles of the Associations of the Centre. The Fund has been established exclusively for investments to generate income.

Under the definition of the “Fund”, Endowment Fund is a permanent and restricted fund only for investment purposes and not for any other expenses. However, income earned thereon can be utilized for project expenses.

The Fund is managed by an Investment Committee appointed by the Governing Body of CDSS comprising the following Members:

  • Nazim Fidahussain Haji, Chairman
  • M. R. Mehkari, Member
  • Rear Admiral (Retd) Syed A. Baqar, HI(M), Member/Chief Executive

The Investment Committee makes day-to-day decisions within the policy and guidelines laid down by the Governing Body. Majority of the investments are made in Government Securities to ensure security of the Fund. So far Rs. 68.8 million are deposited in the Fund, however CDSS aims to enhance the Fund up to Rs. 100 million in the first phase.

  • Donate generously to CDSS Endowment Fund
  • Co-Sponsor a Child

The average cost per student per month is approximately Rs.6,600/-.

To co-sponsor a child (i.e. 50% monthly contribution) for 1 year @ Rs.3,300/- per month total amounting to Rs. 39,600/-.

The shortfall of Rs. 3,300/- per student per month will be met by Donation from INFAQ Foundation.

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