Home School

Home Schools programme was started in 2003 on a volunteer teacher’s basis. The prime objective is to prepare academically in 6 months to 2 years children aged between 3 to 12 years to get admitted in a regular school from class I to VIII. Only up to 20 but not less than 10 children, which are either not going to any school or performing poorly in studies in their schools are selected for each school under the scheme.

The Home School timings are 2 hours Monday to Saturday. Actual opening/closing time is determined by the Home School Teacher. The Home School Teacher may charge a tuition fee of up to Rs.50/- per month from each student, which would be for her own account.

INFAQ Foundation pays through IETC additional Rs.100/- per month per student and Rs.150/- per month per school for stationery/books for the use of students to the Teacher.

At present 27 schools are functioning with a total number of 500 children. Up to now 142 students of Home School have been admitted to regular schools.

The scheme is very successful and the demand for such facility from the community is on increase.

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