Fast Facts

  • Purpose built spacious building equipped with high quality furniture and requisite facilities.
  • Total number of Students/trainees 225
  • 20 teachers/instructors (Qualification – Masters 19; Diploma Holders 1)
  • 447 students enrolled in Home Schools.
  • The courses offered by IETC are registered with Education & Literacy Department of Sindh and affiliated with respective Education Boards.
  • It’s never too late! IETC – Education for Girls
    INFAQ Education & Training Centre (IETC) was established in August 2003 with a purpose to train the teachers for Korangi Academy. As the Centre sailed through its journey it experienced avenues which could lead the challenging tasks that lay ahead. It found out that the environment existing in the community needed INFAQ’s attention and support […]
  • News & Updates
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